Thursday, January 22, 2015

I have No Time! Is it not worth to consider what's up to have MORE TIME?

I have the idea that I need to past you!

I just noticed this:
What separates the wealthy from the masses?
• The masses spend their “spare time” on entertainment.
• The wealthy spent most of their “spare time” building a business.

This is the great divide between the haves and the have-nots.

I just noticed that most often when I meet someone and tell
them how was your time with your family? How was your time
with your loved ones? How was your time you spent with your
vacation? How was your year 2014? Then most people I met, they just said: 
"I have no time" then I simply said:
"Of course, you have NO TIME... Is it not worth to
consider to start having/doing an OPPORTUNITY that could
give you time? and of course with the money to enjoy
your time, anytime you want, how long you want, anywhere
you want and with whoever you want?"

Then you can say:
Right now I’m working part-time on my fortune and 
full-time on my job, but it won’t be long until 
I’ll be working full-time on my fortune. 
Can you imagine what life is going to be like?

Now speaking of the Opportunity, If you already have 

found it, Congratulations! and How's now your progress?
How about if I May suggest 
to: Continue seeking for it! 
If ever it's possible, check out the link below if that 
could be a fit for you... And if that could be a fit and you
feel we can be partners in achieving your dreams, I would
be very glad to work with you, if you run as fast as you
can I forced myself to run as fast... But if you quit, then
I would see to it that I would be the last one to quit on

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I just want to mention the things I learned from ma.stermind.event:
I don't have the TIME...
The very EXCUSE some people give for why they can't start a network marketing business is the very REASON they should!
Network Marketing is helping millions of people buy back their time, so they can have true TIME FREEDOM!

Let's say you earn $10 an hour at a job. Now let's say you build your network marketing business, and you earn $40 a month in residual income. That's the equivalent of 4 hours of work. So you've bought back one hour a week of your time.
What if your build your network marketing residual check to $400 a month? That's the equivalent of 40 hours of work. So you've bought back 10 hours a week of your time.
What if your build your network marketing residual check to $4000 a month? That's the equivalent of 400 hours of work. So you've bought back 100 hours a week of your time!
A network marketing business is a great way to create a 'passive income' that can give you more time. More time to spend with your children, more time to go on vacations, more time to help others... MORE TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO!
Excuse vs Reason. Your choice. smile emoticon

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015 | Instead of Looking for A New Opportunity, Look for a A NEW COMMITMENT To Your Opportunity!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hi, before I have to go to the main topic which is about the Looking to New Commitment to your Opportunity instead of looking a New Opportunity, Please allow me first to share this short clip video!
I could not helped, but still view the video about the topic Why the Rich get Richer,,, and so just could not help but share it.

Glad to learn you happened to dropby again here ...

Pasyencia Guyz, because I alone is the one managing this blog personally by myself! But because I just found some values in this video that I also believe at least can give some form of relevant education relative to Finances... and even job and even your career!!! to my friends and even to those people that may come my way.

So as to the main topic of this blog, may I proceed! Maybe after you viewed the video, maybe to possible any opportunity that you may have now in your hands that you also wanted to share others but at least by means of this basic information, the more I feel you will be encouraged in sharing that opportunity to others. k?

As this year 2015 has just NEWLY started, the tendency for us to LOOK FOR A NEW OPPORTUNITY also, But look you don't need to have A NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR NOW! What you need is  A NEW COMMITMENT TO YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

And I personally presumed that you already have found your opportunity that not only give you and your family a destiny, a life they desire and love to live but also as a means of giving this generously to some others who also may benefit of that you have now in your disposal! So have the courage and A NEW COMMITMENT to your Opportunity!

But for in case, one is still actively looking for an opportunity, still not a late on your part...

If ever you are OPEN TO DISCOVER HOW TO HAVE A 3-SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY OR INCOME using the Powerful Pinoy na Pinoy Simple Marketing System with it's products that already helped a lot homebase owners and pinoys and also so AFFORDABLE! So maybe, it's high time for me to strongly suggest to take a look at this opportunity that we may have now. Check it Out! If this is a good fit for you, let us know so you will be helped and guided to do some few simple steps to start! k?

So here's the Link of that Opportunity, < Click Here > or copy and paste the link below unto your browser's address bar if non-clickable! The link is indicated below:

But again, if this opportunity that we may have now is not a fit for you, don't worry, you have no obligation, that's not a problem with us! No Big Deal! But please accept our advise...
Still Continue to actively looking the Opportunity that can give you and your family a financial and time freedom!

Happy New Year

And more blessings from the Holder of Our Future, Our Creator!

jonsihay here!

P.S. If there's a chance something that this post gives you some insights that you like, please feel free to share it to others, and/or if something comfortable that you can also share some encouragement to the author or maybe you have something to comment, please write them below. Thanks!!!

Again, if still you are actively looking for an opportunity that can possibly give you and your family a life you desire to have, please feel free to take a look, Seriously, if you find this to be fit, let's together do some few simple start ups... Click the link below to check it out!

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